Dentist chair fetish

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Dentist chair fetish

Hey there! In Register. So you are lying there on the dentists chair, tipped back, mouth wedged open, bright light in your dentist chair fetish, 70's music on the hi-fi, the focus of attention for the dentist and the very pretty assistant, who is sucking the saliva from your mouth, and so close you can see up her nose.

All the while pain is present, fear of the drill is filling your mind and agony is eminently and imminently possible. You have no control whatsoever, and can't even speak. How erotic is that? You just can't top it in everyday life, can you? Girth Posts: 12, Forum Member. Rudi, you are a very strange man. My Husband does, he says there is a very lovely oriental dental nurse,when she slooshes his mouth she presses her breasts against him :rolleyes: Bless him and his little fantasy world.

Posts: 10, Forum Member. I've heard of being scared of the dentist, but never turned on. I imagine my dentist gets slightly moist at the thought of presenting me with a massive bill, but beyond that The chair is quite comfy Relaxing - Yes Erotic - No! Stone me boy,whatever anasthetic they're giving you must be totally illegal. Do you get a buzz out of a good haircut as well? What goes on behind the closed doors I'll bet those dental chairs see plenty of after hours action. Examinus Posts: 22, Forum Member.

I would, but my dentist refuses to wear the proper dress. It's not that shocking. I'm a dentist and I get turned on when I'm with a patient.

Dentist chair fetish

That last post isn't true, by the way. Doctor Snuggles wrote:. My dentist is a very nice Polish guybut hand on heart I can say my thoughts are solely on getting out of the place quickly. The closest i get to thinking a dentist is sexy was i guy i knew that was a dentist from NJ, but i forgave him his dentistry skills as he did have a beautiful body and a classically poetic mind.

Dancing Queen Posts: 9, Forum Member.

Dentist chair fetish

I love my dentist - I've going to him since he was a young just qualified dentist chair fetish years ago :eek: and now he's the orthadontical specialist for Berkshire. I like lying in the hygienists chair too with her cleaning every tooth individually - relaxing or what Yes Rudi I agree; a morning of pampering at the dentists - nothing like it. Arwen Posts: 7, Forum Member. Chie Posts: 4, Forum Member. Elliebee wrote:.

My Husband does, he says there is a very lovely oriental dental nurse,when she slooshes his mouth she presses her breasts against him :rolleyes:. Mr Pringle Posts: 6, Forum Member. I think it's great when there's a pretty assistant to oggle at. Otherwise, I've no idea what my dentist looks like or is like, apart from his name being Matthew. I've always managed to avoid the place! I forgot to add: it's reliably believed that the line between fetish and phobia is very thin.

I read into this as I'm quite spectacularly afraid of vomiting, yet some people have a fetish for it. Mr Pringle wrote:. Serious question - do you look down pretty girls' tops? In or Register to comment.

Dentist chair fetish

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Does anyone else get turned on going to the dentist?