How to find a pay pig

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After a joke post on Twitter, I unwittingly became a mistress to a man who called me his Goddess and sent money to my PayPal. Manifesting is the art yes I am an artist of telling the universe what you want, and basically if your energy has a good enough vibe, the universe will deliver.

I paid for the mini eggs, did the universe pay for the mini eggs? Modern philosopher, polymath, and spiritual leader Nicole Scherzinger. The next logical step was to tweet a photo of my ticket in order to garner sympathy because as a millennial, attention on the internet is vital to my wellbeing.

I have since deleted this tweet because it had my car details visible and would you believe it? So now we can get into the juicy dirty meat of the article, what you all came here for — what the hell is a pay pig? Findom comes under the BDSM umbrella, and involves a submissive party who gets off on giving money to a dominant.

So why did I, a sweet pure little angel know about findom? I definitely hoped that on some level that maybe, just maybe, a thirsty little reply guy might pay it for me. And then it happened. It seemed too good to be true. This is it, this is happening. I shot back my paypal link immediately and demanded that he send the money at once. Send it now pig. Maybe this is my calling in life? Ok so now I feel bad??? I simply wanted to be rude to a man and have him give me money for that privilege but now he has forced me to consider his humanity.

I burst out of my room and run down the hall to my housemate. In all the commotion, my other housemates wake up and come to see what the fuss is about. Come one come all! I regale them with my tale of manipulation and domination, I show them my paypal on my phone. I earned this loaf, this leavened gold. Taste it, taste the soft sweet success.

One of my housemates notes that I look changed. Another housemate spoils the fun by pointing out that because this guy found me on twitter, he has my full legal name and can easily find out where I will be because my touring schedule and gigs are all online. Hush please. Give me one perfect night Rebecca, please grant me at least tonight. The next day, he messaged again. Surely his goddess is more valuable than a cafe breakfast. I wonder if he will keep sending more, if he will pay me tributes every week now. Of course I am getting ahead of myself though.

As quickly as it all started, it ended. He said he would send more the following week, but never did. He messaged me more that week and I did respond — trying my best to keep up the act. I waited to message him because How to find a pay pig think I was relieved. I hear a lot about other female comics dealing with stalkers and creeps. With that in mind, I thought that perhaps having a BDSM slave that I know nothing about who sends me money and says that I am his reason for living could maybe potentially end badly…like, maybe.

He never replied, and by looking at his twitter I can see he has been engaging with another Domme. Am I jealous? An actual Domme, not a desperate silly little girl comedian like me. It was fun while it lasted, but being a financial dominatrix is definitely a full on, full time, skilled profession. Much respect to all the Dommes out there how to find a pay pig these pathetic little piggies honest. Will my pig be reading this? Yes probably, and he will be humiliated as he should be and as he will probably enjoy.

How dare you think you can ignore your Goddess. Lauren Bonner is a comedian and writer. Follow Lauren on Instagram and Twitter laurenybonner Filthy little piggies can send their tributes to paypal. Already registered? here. Wanna be remembered? Thanks for ing up! Load more articles There are no more articles to be viewed Loading.

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How to find a pay pig

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How to Find a Paypig