Hot wife tips

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Hot wife tips

Sometime talk is not so cheap, especially when trying to convince your man to open up to a cuckold or hotwife relationship. Ex-talk While most advice columns caution couples from talking about ex-lovers, for the exceptional woman it is almost mandatory to talk. Women have a particular advantage in all this, since men are obsessed with penis size. Regardless how you really feel about cock size, it is always best to exaggerate your interest. Always keep your husband on his heels.

And there are two ways to do this. Make sure he knows he is not the largest you have been with. Keep things vague, but larger than life.

Hot wife tips

Let him use his imagination. Be coy. If he pushes the issue, tell him about a past lover who was huge. If he presses for details, explain he was a few inches larger than the husband, and that sometimes sex was painful. Over the course of time, you can explain how you have always really liked big cocks.

Remind your husband that his is fine for a daily driver, but that sometimes you need a little more. As time progresses, describe another former lover— and how he also had a very large cock. Describe how much you enjoy feeling filled up. Exactly the opposite of the first way. Make hot wife tips husband know that he is the biggest you have had, but that he is too big. Tell him how much you love sex and want more of it, but he is so big that it hurts. Tell him this as you stroke him or suck him. Tell him how much you love the feel of his BIG really over emphasize it cock in your hands and mouth.

Tell him how wet you get just from thinking about it. From here, you can talk about having something to help warm you up, maybe even another cock that could help stretch you out first before hubby got to penetrate you. Since you are keeping him stimulated he will probably try to push the scenerio and ask just what size of cock you need. You can then tell hot wife tips about lovers who where smaller, but skillful. Tell him how their cocks could touch just the right spots. After that, maybe you can work in another step up in dick size by telling him if that works then maybe you could find a bigger dick.

Celebs Pick a type— black, latino, older, muscular… you decide. When you see someone who is your type on TV, make comments how hot he is. If you like blacks, every time you watch a program with your husband, comment how sexy your favorite black star is. Tell your husband how you would not hesitate to fuck him and that you would let him have his way with you.

Tease your man by asking him if he thinks the celeb is hot.

Hot wife tips

If he says yes, ask if he wants to be fucked by him. If he says no, tell him he is lying. You can also do this for movies. When you see a movie that has an actor you find attractive, make that movie the focus of a date night. You could even tell him how much you would enjoy watching this actor in that movie, and you would enjoy it enough that you could give hubby something special after the show. You can still tease him, asking him if he thinks the actor is hot. Tell you husband about a man hot wife tips know who is hot. Everytime his name comes up, remind your husband how hot he is.

Build it up into a crush. Describe the attention you receive from the man, what you were wearing at the time, and so on. Sound obsessive about your interest in him. If the other man is single, be particularly flirtatious, and describe your flirtations in great hot wife tips to your husband. You can do this with strangers too. Just pick out some random strangers while you are out and snap some pictures with your cell phone. You can send them to your hubby with a sexy note. Or you can save them for later and tell him in your most excited tone about someone you saw today.

Fantasy talk In bed, ask your husband what he fantasizes about. It is guaranteed to prompt him to ask you the same question. Go into excruciating detail. For example, if you are into interracial fantasies, tell him how you fantasize about being with two or three black men, who completely have their way with you.

Or tell him a fantasy involving someone he already knows, and portray a very realistic fantasy. For example, you are not feeling well, so you stay home from work. A coworker stops by to have you some papers. You answer the door in your night clothes. As you invite him in, you find him staring at you, and things develop from there.

Hot wife tips

Hotwife talk Tell your husband you fantasize about dating other men— just for the sex and the thrill. The thrill of that first date and all the nervousness that comes with it, while you know that your big, strong, security net is waiting at home if something goes wrong. Ask how he feels about it. Tell him you would tell him everything that happened, but that you want to meet one on one with another man.

Ask him frequently if he would be comfortable watching a cock sliding in and out of you. Night Out With the Girls This is particularly effective if you have single friends. Take a night out with your girlfriends, at least once monthly. Have a few drinks and use the alcohol as an excuse for your flirtations, if you need hot wife tips excuse. Return home with tales of other men flirting with you, buying drinks, more cell phone pictures, etc.

Exaggerate if you must— or better yet, return with a phone …. General Information. The Cuckold Phenomena. My wife is beginning to open up and talk in this realm. It excites me so much to think of her having bull lovers. My wife is starting to open up and talk in this realm. It is very exciting to think of her with a bull lover, or two. Enjoyed reading this entry.

Hot wife tips

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Search: Go! A cuckolding and strong woman to share her adventures and advice. I like to share :. Hotwife Tips June 10, Since the Fuck Buddy tips went so well, how about some hotwife tips. Add you own: Sometime talk is not so cheap, especially when trying to convince your man to open up to a cuckold hot wife tips hotwife relationship.

The first way: Make sure he knows he is not the largest you have been with. The Second Way: Exactly the opposite of the first way. Coworkers and friends Tell you husband about a man you know who is hot. You have to take that chance and make your life reflect who you really are. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Category: General Information 4 Comments. Tagged with: Advice cuckold cuckolding Fantasy fantasy sex general cuckold information hot wife Husband swingers swinging wife with another man. Comments on: "Hotwife Tips" 4.

Hot wife tips Hot wife tips

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