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We recently bought a chastity device for hubby. Just for a bit of fun. However, it turned out to be oh so much more than that. Little did we know the intensely glorious potential for this inexpensive cuckold couple blog device. Hubby locked up as being more symbolic that erotic perhaps? An addition to the power play? And for the better.

The effects are not only incredible, but not even what we expected. At all. What happens when he misses a day? Or maybe two days? The point is, if left unchecked, his libido builds, he gets hornier and hornier until he either has to have sex, or he will masturbate. The temptation is just too much, he has to cum. What happens if he is caged? They ejaculate and its back to square one.

So they never get to experience what happens if they do not ejaculate at that point. Well, as we found out, your libido does not level off at the point where you would normally ejaculate, because the cage stops any ejaculation at all. And this has some surprising and very beneficial side-effects, which will be described here together with some wonderful consequences. So, we bought a chastity cage; a Holy Trainer v2.

Actually, we bought a cheap Chinese copy which so far as we can tell looks identical to the real thing. We chose this because it has an integral lock which is therefore unobtrusive under clothes. Hence, wearing it for long periods, including in public, is perfectly possible and practical. Some people wear one only during play, others wear them for longer periods, even so they say more-or-less permanently.

For us, we eventually settled on a Monday to Friday regime though not every week because this produced the best for both of us. What do I mean by ? Well, read on. So, on a Monday morning, the cage goes on and the keys are all handed over to my wife. She keeps them in a safe place until Friday. And it begins. For me, it really starts to build at 2 days in. By this I mean that I find myself thinking about sex all the time. But what do you do when that happens? Well, nothing. The trouble is, this is a dual-edged sword. Because although its fun, the fact that it is so arousing but you cuckold couple blog unable to actually play with your cock for release, just increases the sexual frustration.

Now, at first that can be just too frustrating and I understand the some guys never get passed that point as they can even get angry if not releasedbut for others such as myself managing that frustration can simply lead to your libido building even further. Now at some point beyond that, things really start to get interesting. The first thing you notice is a kind of permanent euphoria. It is being very horny all the time, but somehow it becomes a manageable background thing. And that constant feeling starts to feel just wonderful once, and if, you get passed the frustration.

This is the addiction. But it gets better. But that does not mean that the wife should not have any.

Cuckold couple blog

And in the absence of a bull, the job to satisfy her is his alone. And this is where hubby will be really tested to the full. A typical sex session during caged time is as follows. She lies on the bed, legs spread, on her device, watching porn or chatting dirty to some guy online. Hubby take the position with his head between her thighs and goes to town on her cunt with his tongue. Now usually he might be able to lick away for ten minutes before the urge to fuck her, or get some relief himself in some other, is just too much to bare.

Cuckold couple blog

But of course, caged, he no longer has that option. So he just keeps going, felling the ever growing buzz. For the wife, these sessions are just perfect. She gets her pussy licked for as long as she wants, with hubby alternating between doing that and using a dildo on her. And the more hubby licks, the more his head buzzes with the excitement of it, the intense feeling of being at her service, being the sub, while she taps away talking dirty with some guy online as that guy strokes his cock to her erotically filthy desires.

There cuckold couple blog something magical to all involved about knowing that that remote guy could be slipping his bare cock inside her for real at some point in the future. And when she wants more, hubby has to put on a strap-on belt and sizable dildo, his little cage beneath, and give her more than he otherwise can in his state of containment. And she continues to tap away as the large dildo goes easily in and out of her wet opening, her face flushes, aroused, hubby feels deeply submissive and in awe of the pleasure she is experiencing.

The head buzz is just amazing.

Cuckold couple blog

The joy of knowing that another guy is getting her wet by his dirty talk and cock photos, but that hubby is there to stimulate her physically as she chats sordidly to her remote lover who is masturbating to her words. The incentive for hubby to be focused on her reactions to ensure that she has as many orgasms as she needs, at exactly the time she wants them, and of maximum strength, is of course the fact that he might be rewarded.

But there is no guaranteed, She may be tired, in which case he will have to wait until the next morning and remain caged until then. In some ways, this is both the best and worst of all scenarios. Having just pleasured her. Sometimes if feels like your head is overtaken competey with a raging overload. But a few minutes of closing ones eyes and holding ones head in ones hands cuckold couple blog breathing with slow careful purpose, ensures at least a partial come-down to be able to function again. Sleep can be difficult though, caught between knowing you have to try to sleep and still feeling a high degree of arousal.

Cuckold couple blog she finally uncages him. And if she is not in the mood for a fuck, then he will have to make do with a hand job. She gently runs her hand over his penis, gently tickling, edging him, teasing his balls, tapping his frenum, while talking dirty, letting him know that while she likes her bulls to own her during sex, she is in charge now. She will decide if and when he is to cum. When he finally cums, he is allowed to clean himself up. And then it is back into chastity for another week, to begin the build up, to keep him doting on her, towards the next joyful session.

The power that a chastity cage has to completely alter a husbands personality, to shift his focus to being so much more completely upon his wife, doing chores for her, being attentive, pampering her and making sure she is happy in just everyday ways, as though they were first dating back in their youth, is its secret power. It honestly has this effect.

Like some miracle device. And if that were known more widely a chastity cage would be a gift given at every wedding and the first thing added to the wedding list by the bride. Cuckolding aside, I often wonder when a marriage finds itself on the rocks, or the sex has subsided, that perhaps rather than marriage counselling being necessary, a couple should instead simply go out and buy a chastity cage for him.

It surely has the potential to save a lot of marriages. Frankly, none of that is any fun for her. And so we came up with a solution.

Cuckold couple blog

A defined but simple process, which is as follows. Well, she places some adverts, as females often get free membership on some commercial sites, whereas guys pay — which means that guys are less inclined to be time-wasters on those sites. Any guy responding is expected to respond by providing a set of basic information up-front.

We detail this as a short list of questions in our Guide For Prospective Bulls. By reading this guide any prospective bull actually ificantly increases his chances of success, so is worth taking seriously. This idea of asking basic questions up-front is to speed things up and minimise too many otherwise pointless s going back-and-forth.

Cuckold couple blog

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