Do women like to be fisted

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If your idea of fisting is having someone shove their clutched fist up your vaginathen you've got it all wrong. Instead of that punch to the vag approach, fisting actually consists of your partner entering his or her fingers into your love tunnel one by one—until all five digits are past the threshold. However, when done in a safely with a partner you trust, fisting can provide a pleasurable sense of fullness and lots of vaginal stimulationsays Kerner.

So if you and your S. Safety First Because your vagina is about to experience some seriously stimulating "fullness," Kerner recommends keeping lots of lube on hand to use throughout the experience. Hygiene is another major factor when getting hands-y, he says. They act as a barrier and can make entering easier, says Kerner. Foreplay Before You Finger Getting five fingers in your vagina is no easy task! The key to proper fisting is to stay in the mood.

Do women like to be fisted

The more aroused and relaxed you are, the better chance you have of nailing this act says Kerner. So start slow with some touching, kissing, massaging, oral, or whatever, before you go deep. He'll want to bundle his fingers together to form a beak-like shape as he continues to maneuver his hand in, says Kerner. At this point, you can encourage your partner to use his thumb to hit the clitoris for stimulation because yesssssswhile his three fingers stroke the G-spot. Take It Further For many couples, having three fingers inside the vagina is enough. Then, slowly and gradually he can move deeper, inserting his knuckles and eventually the wrist.

Once his hand is fully inside you, he can try to expand his fingers to provide different types of stimulation such as using his knuckles to hit the G-spot or turning his hand if it feels good, says Kerner. He suggests calling in backup such as a sex toy, his other hand, or even oral to hit the spot.

Do women like to be fisted

Talk Him Through It You've gotta keep communicating about what feels good and what doesn't, says Kerner. Kerner says to have him focus on slower, gentler movements as opposed to thrusting like a penis.

Do women like to be fisted

Scratching or too much thrusting in your vagina can be dangerous, says Kerner. And if you're feeling anything more than slight discomfort, shut it down. If you're just slightly uncomfortable, add more lube. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet. High five! This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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Do women like to be fisted Do women like to be fisted

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