Nudes to send to girls

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New app allows local users to send nudes securely with each other within 24 hours. We've all done it; me, you, your mom, your sister, your best friend. Sexting nudes is the new normal. The way we interact on a sexual level has changed drastically over the past few years.

Once upon a time, sending explicit photos of your naked body was frowned upon and something to be ashamed of. Nude photos are the newest thing in sexual satisfaction. Hell, even professional pornstars are getting in on the action. OnlyFans and Snapchat have created entire industries out of people swapping naked photos. But what makes sending and receiving naked photos such an exhilerating experience? Well, we're here to tell you a thing or two about the whole sending nudes thing.

Not only will we give you a crash course psychology lesson in why sending nude photos is so exciting, but we'll also give you a little advice on how to sext better too. Want to learn how to share the perfect nude pic? Whether you're looking to tease your partner or send your pics to a total strangerwe've got everything you need to know about sending nudes.

In a world which is overloaded with free internet porn, what's so great about nudes? Isn't it easier to just jump on Pornhub and find naked women the easy way? Not quite. You see, there's a lot more satisfaction to be had in sending nudes to send to girls receiving nude pics of someone else. Let's go through some of the reasons. First of all, nude photos which are sent directly to you feel more real. Quick pop psychology lesson: professional porn is actually a very unhealthy way to consume sexually explicit material. This actually negatively impacts our perceptions of sex, love, and relationships, and can actually lead to problems further down the line.

Sending and receiving nudes directly, then, actually make us part of the sexual process as opposed to simply watching others act it out for us. It actually provides a healthy endorphin boost. Another advantage when you send a nude is that they're a great confidence boost.

Nudes to send to girls

Sending a picture of you in your most intimate state is a nerve-racking but exciting experience. Knowing that someone else out there appreciates you in a primal, sexual way is a simple-yet-effective way to boost your confidence. Likewise, simply receiving a Snapchat nude also gets the endorphins flowing. This is because your sexting partner has chosen you to be the worthy recipient of their sexual efforts. Receiving a nude photo from someone will make you feel sexier and valued, especially if you exchange sexy messages often.

Something else to consider is that receiving a naked selfie from someone is a of trust, which is a bonding experience between you and them. The mental and emotional aspects of sex are just as important, if not more so, than the physical side. Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious, is nudes to send to girls naked photos are downright sexy.

It's as simple as that. Everybody wants to feel desired, and sharing hot photos, images or video will do that. Taking the perfect nude is something of an art form. It can be a difficult balance. Always be sure to double check what's going on in your bedroom. There was a hot picture of Ariana Grande going around a few years ago, but eagle-eyed viewers noticed that she had a huge black dildo lying on her bedroom floor. What could have been a very sexy image turned into an online joke.

People don't want to see your mess, they want to see your tits, ass and your genitals. Make sure your background reflects the mood. Unmade bed? Sure, that could be quite suggestive. Fast food wrappers at your feet? Not so much. It's also a good idea to keep your face hidden when you send photos of yourself.

The sad truth is that there are a lot of people out there who get off on exposing people via the explicit snaps sent to them quite often it's scorned exes looking for power or revenge. That's an unavoidable part of the culture. So, if some of your saucy shots are shared without your consent, not having your face in the shot will help you hide your identity. The same goes if you've got identifiable hair or tattoos too.

Make it difficult for anyone to identify you from your body alone. To conjure the perfect tease photo, it might be wise to censor your genitals from the pic.

Nudes to send to girls

Let people use their imagination once in a while. Also, if your photo ever gets leaked by someone, it will aid your privacy to not have your explicit regions on show! And the last one, make sure to highlight your assets. Got a great figure? Then take a full length shot in the mirror.

Do you think you're particularly well-endowed? Use angles to your advantage. If you want to add a little comedy to the mix, take a picture of your dick next to something which highlights its size, like a banana. By the same token, if there's one part of your body you don't really like, use a close-up shot to hide it. Here's a short handy guide to help you out next time you're planning on taking one or two snaps.

Before you send nudes to the lucky person on the other end, be sure to check each point off the checklist. DO: Respond in a timely manner.

Nudes to send to girls

When you send or receive a hot snap, no one wants to be hanging around waiting for a response. It may feel like you're just teasing them, but to the other person it might feel like a lifetime. If you like the pic, tell them right away. Even if you didn't, still tell them you did. If you leave it too long between sexts, you can lose the sexual momentum. DO: Look good.

Nudes to send to girls

This one goes without saying. You want to look as hot as possible, but that doesn't necessarily mean tarting yourself up or getting that post-workout pump on. No, it's just the little things. Neaten up your hair, use some moisturizer on your face. A quick note for the men - shave your chest - it will make you nudes to send to girls much more toned. DO: Check what's going on around you. We've covered this one up above, but it's important enough to mention twice.

Before you send nudes to someone, clean up your bedroom. No one wants to see your cat sitting on your bed behind you, and we never want to see empty Coke cans on your window shelf. A messy room or a wandering pet can be the difference in whether people find your image sexy, funny or just cringe. DO: Remember to time your nudes as best you can. Is she gonna be busy at work? Is she at a family dinner with her grandparents?

Maybe don't send her a shot of your junk. Is she on her bed at home, and your chat is start to get hot? Then send her the hottest image she's ever seen. Timing is important. DON'T: Tease and never please. This a vital piece of information which will continue to be important for many years to come.

After you send sexy pics to someone, back up your pictures by actually going round and fucking them. Also, be sure not to tease too much, because this can ramp up expectations to the point they're impossible to fulfil. Keep your messaging limited until you've proven that you can deliver the goods.

DON'T: Send long walls of text when you send pics. Let the image do the talking. Sometimes, you might be tempted to use a caption alongside your pics, or even a short sentence. That's fine, just don't send her an erotic short story. We naturally associate big chunks of text with boring shit like ToS agreements 'all rights reserved, blah blah'.

That's the last thing you want when trying to make her horny. Finally, we need to address the elephant in the room.

Nudes to send to girls

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