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In the English courta royal mistress is a woman who is the lover of a member of the royal family, specifically the king. She may be taken either before or after his accession to the throne. Although it generally is only used of females, by extrapolation, the relation can cover any lover of the monarch whether male or female. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have many male favorites although it is not known whether it was sexual or not. Monarchs have had an incentive to take mistresses in that they generally made dynastic marriages of convenience, and there was often little love in them.

Beyond the physical uk mistress, the royal mistress has often exercised a profound influence over the king, extending even to affairs of state. Her relationship with the queen could be tense, although some wives appear to have felt little jealousy in the matter.

The relationship with Sybil lasted over 13 years and may have produced up to five children. He begat at least 24 illegitimate children, more than any other English King. Edward had a very close relationship with Piers Gavestonwho had first ed his household in The precise nature of Edward and Gaveston's relationship is uncertain; they may have been friends, lovers or sworn brothers. Gaveston's arrogance and power as Edward's favourite provoked discontent both among the uk mistress and the French royal family, and Edward was forced to exile him. On Gaveston's return, the King was pressured into agreeing to wide-ranging reforms called the Ordinances of Gaveston was banished by the barons, to which Edward responded by revoking the reforms and recalling his favourite.

Uk mistress

Led by Edward's cousin, the Earl of Lancastera group of the barons seized and executed Gaveston in Edward III appears to have been devoted to his wife, Philippa of Hainaultwho bore him 12 children. However, late in their marriage the aged King met Alice Perrersa young lady-in-waiting to the Queen. De Vere's lineage, while an ancient one, was relatively modest in the peerage of England. Edward IV had numerous documented mistresses.

Uk mistress

The best known was Elizabeth Shore, also called Jane Shore. The legitimacy of Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodvillewhom he had secretly wedded in May without disclosing it to his Parliament until 5 months later, was questioned after Edward's death 9 April by the Bishop of Bath, Robert Stillingtonwho claimed he had precontracted in marriage Edward to Lady Eleanor Talbot, daughter of Lord Talbot and widow of Sir Thomas Butler.

Under the circumstances, the boy's illegitimacy was made public on 22 June and the Lords convened on 25 June in what had to be the new King's first Parliament voted to offer the crown to the only surviving legitimate heir of the House of York, Richard of Gloucester, who ascended the throne as Richard III. She was condemned to do public penance for adultery and imprisoned, but was later pardoned by King Richard, released from Ludgate prison and allowed to marry his Solicitor General, Thomas Lynom. Who their mothers were is not known. There is no evidence of infidelity on Richard's part after his marriage to Anne Neville in [19] when he was around 20 and since Katherine was old enough to be wedded in and John was old uk mistress to be knighted in in York Minster when his half brother Edward, Richard's only legitimate heir, was invested Prince of Wales and to be made Captain of Calais in Marchpossibly aged 17 still a minor, since he would be of age at 21 almost all historians agree these 2 children were fathered during Uk mistress teen years.

The first was supposed to be a Frenchwoman named Jane Popincourtwhom he met inalthough their relationship is not certain. She had taught languages to Henry's sisters Margaret and Mary. Little is known of her, though she is said to have been a woman of very loose habits. His next mistress, Elizabeth Blountwas seventeen or eighteen when she came to his attention in The affair was ill-concealed, and Katherine of Aragon grew jealous and attempted to separate them, without success. Early inElizabeth gave birth to a son, Henry Fitzroy.

Uk mistress

The King then quit her, and she was afterwards married to Gilbert Tailboys. Like Jane Popincourt, she was known for her promiscuity. Although she was married to Sir William Carey when her affair with Henry began in the early s, Carey is thought to have been compliant.

Henry's second wife was Anne Boleynsister to Mary Boleyn. He is rumoured to have taken another mistress, Mary Sheltonsoon after this marriage, but the details are unclear. Jane Seymourlike Anne, refused to be his mistress and became his third wife. From this time there is no record of his having had a mistress; he had enough to do with his wives. Henry VIII's three children followed him of the throne, but none of them appears to have uk mistress a lover.

Elizabeth I's status as a 'Virgin Queen' was an important part of her public image. Although she clearly had favouritesthere is no clear evidence that any of these was a lover. James Ithe first of the Stuart monarchs, is widely believed to have been bisexual, as he had a of intensely emotional relationships with men throughout uk mistress life, including Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset and then George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham. Whether they were friends or lovers is a controversial subject among historians, with the majority believing that a physical relationship is unlikely.

Uk mistress

Robert Carr, who was Scottish like the King, caught James' attention when he fell off a horse and broke his leg during a tourney. The King took a liking to him, nursed him through his injury and even tried to teach him Latin afterwards. He rose quickly in the court, first to the rank of knight and then becoming Viscount Rochesterbeing given a seat in the Privy Counciland being created Earl of Somerset in rapid succession. James did not care whether his favourites married or remained uk mistress when Robert Carr expressed love for Frances Howarda woman already married to Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of EssexJames had the earlier marriage annulled so that Somerset could lawfully marry Frances.

They were wedded on 26 Decemberjust two months after the annulment.

Uk mistress

However, Robert's time in the King's affections was cut short. On 15 Septemberten days prior to the annulment, Thomas Overbury had died of poison while imprisoned in the Tower of London. Overbury was a friend of Robert but fervently against the marriage to Frances. In April, the supporters of the union had tried to remove him by convincing James I to as him as his ambassador to the court of Michael of Russia. Overbury was by then too much involved in the case and declined the royal asment so James had him imprisoned. Overbury had been poisoned with sulphuric acid in the form of copper salts.

Edward Coke and Francis Bacon worked together in the trial of the poisoners, which began in By the time it was over in earlyFrances had uk mistress found guilty of having hired uk mistress poisoners and orchestrated the murder. Robert claimed ignorance but was sentenced to death with his wife as an accomplice. James commuted the sentences to imprisonment. The couple were eventually released but never regained their positions at court. George Villiers followed after the deposition of Robert Carr, and his rise in royal favour was so quick that contemporaries described it as a flight rather than a growth.

Many assumed that his fall from favour would be just as rapid; in preparation, the ambitious Howard family arranged for a boy named William Monson to become known to James. William was the second son of William Monson but would gain greater fame as one of the Regicides of Charles I of England. However, Villiers proved himself to be far more long-lasting, and James's relationship had a paternal element.

James even described George as "my sweet child and wife" while ing himself "your old dad and husband". James married his lover to Katherine Mannersthe richest heiress in England and the next-in-line for the title and associated property of the barony of Roswhich she would inherit in James also showered the Villiers family with titles and money, making them among the most powerful in the kingdom.

Uk mistress

Charles II has been reckoned the most notorious womanizer of the English Kings. Among these women are both the noble and the common: Charles is the first monarch whose mistresses from the lower classes are recorded. Barbara Villiers, one of his longest-standing mistresses fourteen yearswas a woman well known for her beauty, as well as her sexual promiscuity and that she had affairs with at least five other men during her tenure as mistress and it was rumored that one of these affairs was with Charles's own bastard son by Lucy Walter.

Barbara also wielded considerable political power, obtaining for her friends and family places on the Privy Council and undermining peace efforts between the Kingdom of England and the Dutch Republic. The most famous of Charles's mistresses, Nell Gwyn, was a stage actress and had been a prostitute before the King became interested in her. Despite his numerous illegitimate offspring, Charles II was unable get an heir from his wife, Catherine of Braganza. His eldest bastard, James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouthattempted to prove himself true born, claiming that Charles had actually secretly married his mother, Lucy Walterwhile in exile on the continent if true this event would make Monmouth the legitimate heir to the throne.

Monmouth's rebellion failed, at least in part because he could not produce evidence to support his legitimacy, and Lucy is usually considered by historians to be a royal mistress rather than a secret wife. Charles was succeeded by his younger brother James IIwho may have had as many as eleven mistresses. He did not follow the accepted standard of beauty of the time: while his contemporaries sought out heavy-set, voluptuous women on the Baroque model, James was attracted to skinny, boyish young girls in their teens. Anne Hyde was his mistress before she became uk mistress wife; he met her in at The Hague and by some reports promised marriage to her when he became her lover a year or so after.

She became pregnant, but they were not officially married as was often the custom of the time uk mistress the year following, 24 November Further confirmation was the confession of James II's sister who on her deathbed confessed that she had set up the untrue slander against Anne. He noticed her while out for a ride; she fell from her horse, exposing her legs. She would bear him four illegitimate children.

Charles I was also extremely attached to Villiershis father 's friend, but he is not known to have had a physical relationship with anybody but his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria of France. Neither Mary II uk mistress Anne had any physical relationships outside of marriage, [28] although Anne had intense emotional attachments to both Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough and Sarah's cousin Abigail Masham, Baroness Mashamboth of whom became politically important.

George I had divorced his wife Sophia Dorothea of Celle 20 years before his accession to the British throne, and thus brought with him to the Kingdom of Great Britain his long-established mistress: Ehrengard Melusine von der Schulenburgwho was so tall and scrawny that she was nicknamed "the maypole". She was known to compete for influence with Melusine and assumed, or pretended, uk mistress be a mistress by the British courtiers.

George II had only one principal mistress, Henrietta Howardwho maintained this station for well over a decade. It is probable that George II considered having a mistress necessary, for he was very much in love with his wife Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach. He made a point of visiting Henrietta for several hours each night, locking the door, but most agreed that they spent their time playing cards. However, when she became deaf in her early forties, he quickly became bored with her, and they parted amiably.

Uk mistress

George II did not take another mistress after his wife's death of umbilical rupture on 20 Novemberuntil Amalie von Wallmoden, Countess of Yarmouth. He uk mistress no serious mistress during his reign. This comparative virtue was favored by the increasingly chaste moral standards of the time. However he was later rumoured to have secretly married Hannah Lightfoot prior to his public wedding to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. His son George IVfirst Prince Regent during George III's periods of insanity and then King following his death, carried on an affair of twenty years with a widow, Maria Fitzherbertwith whom he lived and considered his true wife.

He was reported to have even married her, even though he became increasingly unfaithful and accepted the paternity of several illegitimate children throughout this time period. Afterwards, he rejected any possible marriage he might have made with Mrs. George IV and his legitimate wife Caroline of Brunswick were never fond of their arranged marriage and lived separately from to her death on 7 August

Uk mistress

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