Virgin fetish

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Nov Posted by drmarkgriffiths. While researching blogs on harmatophilia i. This fetish does not appear in either Dr. However, a short article on the London Fetish Scene Wipipedia website claims that:. A bride may be regarded as the archetype of a virgin ready and waiting to have sexual intercourse. A bridal outfit can be considered to be full of fetishistic imagery. Brides often wear lingerie such as basques or corsets, stockings and thongs ; they also wear stileto shoes. Generally, a bridal dress and lingerie are white or nearly white, denoting purity.

Similarly, a short piece on bride fetishes at a telephone sex site Fone Fetish claims that:. As far as I am aware there is no academic research on bride fetishism but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that a it exists, and b that there are specific sub-varieties. In addition to this there are also dedicated websites that make fetish bridal wear such as the Adixxtion website and provide online dating services to match up fetish bride and grooms. The online articles that I have managed to locate virgin fetish short and speculative and provide absolutely no facts on the incidence of prevalence of the behaviour or its etiology.

Traditionally, a bride, dressed in white silks and satins, is a visual metaphor for virginity and exclusivity. In this set [of photos] I virgin fetish to portray myself as a kind of bride who permits those men to lust after me and gives to their desires because I, and they, are aware that there is no groom to watch over me. Perhaps, I thought, that was the whole point. Modern bridal wear is much more revealing and adaptable these days. Each new pastel-coloured de emphasises the curve of exposed shoulder and the slimness of bare neck instead of hiding them. For instance:.

These few extracts again appear to give credence to the idea that bride fetishism exists but there may for some people be an overlap with cuckold fetishes. My own online research relying on non-academic and anecdotal sources suggests that bride fetishism is a niche sexual market that appears to have at least a handful of genuine adherents. Aggrawal A. Hale, M. Foreign bride as a fetish and a person.

New York Times, May 5. Mathonnet-VanderWell, S. Virgin fetish. The Twelve, April Bridal fetish, July 1. Wipipedia Bride fetish. London fetish Scene, September 6.

Virgin fetish

Jun One of the more unusual paraphilias I have come across in my reading is harmatophilia. Anil Aggrawal in his book Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices defines harmatophilia as individuals that derive sexual pleasure and arousal from sexual incompetence or mistakes, usually in female partner. The Right Diagnosis online medical website describes harmatophilia more widely as referring to i sexual urges, arousal or fantasies involving breaking rules or making mistakes, and ii recurring intense sexual fantasies involving breaking rules or making mistakes.

This bolsters their self-esteem and makes them feel more secure in the relationship. As far as I am aware, there is absolutely no empirical evidence relating to harmatophilia — not even a single case study although all mentions I have come across assume that it is predominantly male-basedso this appears to be yet another sexual paraphilia that has been created as a theoretical opposite to a legitimately known phobia i.

However, there is another sexual paraphilia that might be psychologically and conceptually similar to harmatophilia, and that is parthenophilia, which Dr. Aggrawal defines as individuals who are sexually attracted to and aroused by virgin fetish. She also cites some evidence that some brothels and bordellos often catered to men who paid extra to have sex with a virgin female. There is an implicit assumption that such practices no longer exist but I have come across more contemporary anecdotal s that suggest that some men who regularly visit prostitutes prefer virgins and are willing to pay extra for such a service.

The historian and writer Hanne Blank made a few references to parthenophilia in her book Virgin: The Untouched History. Although she admits there are no studies on the topic, she then goes on to note that:. We do not know how many people experience it. We do not know when the desire begins to be felt, whether those feel it perceive it as an innate or learned preference.

We have no idea how many people have pursued specific sexual encounters on of this desire, or what kind of sexual encounters they have pursued. No research into its possible role in motivating sexual assault or abuse has been conducted. We do not know to what extent it does or does not play a role in child sexual abuse or child prostitution. There are also various virgin fetish discussions on online sexual forums that discuss parthenophilia although no-one actually calls it that.

For instance, one man posted a question asking if anyone had a virgin fetish and it generated some interesting responses. Here are two extracts:. Clark-Forty, T. The virginity fettish. SalonMay Cotton, K. Harmatophilia heaven. Philia Phrenzy, March 2. The TwelveApril Right Diagnosis What is harmatophilia? Virgin fetish 6. Tags: HarmatophiliaParthenophiliaPurity movementSexual fetishSexual incompetenceSexual mistakes fetishSexual paraphiliaVirgin fetishVirginity fetish. Welcome to my blog!

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Virgin fetish

Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Blog Archives Aisle love you always: A brief look at wedding bride fetishism Nov Get virgin fetish on by a lovely young woman in a bridal outfit? Would you like to watch a bride and her groom make love? Would you like to in, making it a threesome?

M aking love to the bride in front of the groom and all the guests? Too ridiculous? Has this ever been discussed? Please discuss! Have you got any photos, or do you know how to get any? Brides are so sexy! Is anyone out there with me or is it just me? What do you think? Blank, H. Virgin: The Untouched History. New York: Bloomsbury. Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices.

Virgin fetish

London: Greenwich Editions. Virgin on the ridiculous? A brief look at harmatophilia and parthenophilia Jun Pretending is not the same either! And not just any virgins, Asian girl virgins! Search for:. Mark Griffiths Academia. Edu Website Dr.

Virgin fetish

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